Titanium Twisted Barbells

Titanium Twisted Barbells
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Titanium Implant Grade DOUBLE JEWELLED TWISTED BARBELL - AAA Laser Cut Crystals

Titanium Implant GradeGauge: 1.2mm (16G) to 1.6mm (14G)Length: 6mm to 16mmAAA Laser Cut CrystalsExte..

From £1.26 per piece

Titanium Implant Grade MULTI CRYSTAL TWISTED BARBELL - Swarovski Crystals

Titanium Implant GradeGauge: 1.2 (16G) to 1.6mm (14G)Length: 6mm to 12mmAAA Laser Cut CrystalsExtern..

From £1.10 per piece

Titanium Implant Grade TWISTED BARBELL

Titanium Implant GradeGauge: 0.8mm (20G) to 1.6mm (14G)Length: 6mm to 16mmExternally Threaded ..

From £0.66 per piece