Welcome to Wholesale Body Jewelry

Welcome to Wholesale Body Jewelry - Suppliers to Piercing Studios and Jewelers. If you are a retail customer please visit our retail online store www.silverbodyjewellery.com

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Welcome to Wholesale Body Jewellery

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We are passionate about the industry that we are in and have been supplying all types of body jewellery to business across the globe for the last decade. Making sure we offer the highest quality jewellery is essential to us which is why we have an extensive range of stock to choose from containing all types of body jewellery and different high-quality materials that are all made to last and to be safe. Whether you are looking for basic piercing supplies or extravagant UV jewellery, we are able to ship to whatever part of the globe you are in and are consistent with our high levels of service and making sure our product is second to none to ensure your expectations are exceeded.

Why Our Body Jewellery?



On our site, you will be able to find a wide range of categories all of which contain large variants of different body jewellery. Our collection of jewellery is constantly being updated when we find new pieces that we think are interesting or will appeal to our customer base. Since everything on or site is for wholesale, you are able to order a mix of whatever jewellery you wish in as much quantity as you need.

High Quality Silver, Gold & Titanium Body Jewellery 

You will find all types of body jewellery from belly bars, flesh tunnels, hoops, studs, plugs, stretchers, internal piercing, nose rings and so much more. We make sure that whether you order in Silver, Gold, Rose Gold, Titanium, UV or Silicone, that the product we offer is of the highest quality and sourced from the best providers across the world. Making sure all of our products are flawless in both design and material allows us to keep a happy customer base and for you to receive a safe & long-lasting product that is at the top end of the market within our industry.

Body Piercing Jewellery & Supplies

We have been working closely with tattoo shops and body piercing shops throughout the world to bring a high level of service and a high-quality product. We ship wholesale body jewellery to all corners of the globe so whether your store is based in the centre of London or the outbacks of Texas we are able to provide you with high quality supplies in the time frame that you need them. 

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