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Welcome to Wholesale Body Jewelry - Suppliers to Piercing Studios and Jewelers. If you are a retail customer please visit our retail online store www.silverbodyjewellery.com

Our Quality Jewellery

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Here at Wholesale Body Jewelry we pride ourselves on offering some of the finest and most high quality pieces of jewellery available on the market. At our wholesale body jewellery shop, you can find all of the products that we offer in the different categories on the left. The quality of our product is something we take very seriously for a number of reasons. Making sure we deliver a high quality product to our clients and also to make sure that they know they are receiving and using the safest and most durable pieces of jewellery to use on their clients. 

When it comes to choosing the collection of high quality jewellery that we offer, we are are always looking for new pieces that are slightly different and unique to watch you would find on other sites are stores in the high street. This is because, as one of the top wholesale piercing and body jewellery suppliers on the market, we like to offer something different to our customers but also so that both you and your customers can stand out from the crowd. As well as offering unique pieces of body jewellery we also offer all the basic pieces. Everyone needs a basic piece in their collection and we make sure that ours are the finest.

Quality Jewellery For All Materials 

We offer our body jewellery in a wide range of materials. It is important to us that no matter what material it is, whether that be gold, rose gold, silver, titanium, stainless steel and silicone, that every single last piece is the highest of quality. 

Below you are able to see images proving the extreme quality of our products. This should allow you to put your stresses aside and understand that we take every precaution to assure the quality of the products we offer. 

When you are marketing and selling our products whether that be in your store or if you are using them to pierce with, you can be sure that you are using and selling products that are going to be safe for your customers and also last a life time. We make it as easy as possible when you order with us, to receive the products that you want, quickly and safely. 

If you are looking for high quality & durable body Jewellery then browse through our collection today.