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Seamless Segment rings are new in. this comes as no surprise as the hinged bar makes taking it in and out of your piercing very stress-free and the click it makes when the jewellery is in place firmly is super satisfying. However, with the numerous ring options, it is very easy for one to get confused. What differentiates a segment ring from a clicker ring? Why is a Seamless Segment ring a better option than a clciker ring? Why should you even bother?


Great news, we have all the answers! 


What differentiates a Seamless Segment ring from other types of rings?


What differentiates a Seamless Segment ring from other types of rings is the hinged clasp. When closed, the clasp secures the ring by snapping in place between two lines. 

Seamless Segment rings usually have a straight post, even though curved posts are beginning to make an appearance. The shape of clicker rings fit perfectly with septum and daith piercings, particularly if you like how a smaller hoop looks close to the skin. Seamless Segment however are found all over the body, including nipple piercings and other cartilage piercings. 


Difference between a clicker ring and a segment ring?

It is very easy to mix up segment rings and clicker rings. The similarities in style and piercing locations promote the misconception that both rings are the same. A few little differences may help you pick which is right for you.

There are two types of segment rings:

A Segment ring that has a piece that comes out completely when you take the jewellery in or take it out is known as a regular segment ring. Due to the ease of use and sleek, seamless look, it is preferred by some. If you tend to lose things a lot, you might want to consider a hinged segment ring. This type of segment rings shows more of a seam than regular segments because of the hinge. 

Typically, segment rings are shaped like a round hoop (as with all things however, there are unique exceptions) and are used in a number of piercings. 

The clicker ring, however, makes use of a hinge-like the hinged segment rings. It has two variations: the quintessential clicking clasp and its half-hoop shape. A few types of clicker rings are designed with a thicker gauge hoop and a smaller gauge post, while the segment ring remains the same size throughout. Clicker rings feature in all sorts of piercings but are most popular in the nipple, daith, septum, and cartilage piercings like the helix.


Why Clickers And Segments Are Our Favourites!

Changing out jewellery has been made so much easier because of clickers and segments. The gentle clasp of segment and clickers makes way for a range of different cute styles and designs. 


This article talks a lot about the “typical” look of a segment or clicker ring. It does not mean however that you have to wear basic or normal jewellery. We believe in jewellery that makes you stand out so you can bet that you will get the best of gold clickers and segment designs. 


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