Should You Wear Silver Or Gold Jewellery?

Posted by christurnbull 21/09/2020 0 Comment(s)

Buying jewellery is more than just picking a beautiful piece, jewellery is more than just a necklace or earring to complete your dressing or make up. It is supposed to highlight your beauty. Placing the right metal on the right skin can do a lot in accenting your skin, eye and hair color. It is more difficult to pick a jewellery that suits your skin tone when you are shopping online, but it can be easier if you know what fits your skin color, skin tone, hair and eye color better. Let’s start by telling you what metals suits what skin.

What Skin Tone Suits What Colour Jewellery?

If your skin is Fair with red under tones, silver is the best option for you, it gives you a fresh new look especially if you are blond. Avoid wearing rose gold, it brings out the pink undertones in your skin. 

If you are lightly tanned with olive or Mediterranean skin, you are in luck then.  When it comes to jewelry, almost any metal and color will be a great fit. You can decide to pick anything off the rack and still look ravishing in it.

For Arabic, fair African and dark African skin, you can work with almost any jewelry type, but gold should be the go-to for you. Gold is also great on sloth east Asian skin.

People often ask if there is any skin type that can wear all kinds of jewelry, that gift usually lies with people with darker skin, they can wear gold, silver, rose gold or any color or metal they please and still manage to look good and beautiful in it. 

What Hair Colour Suits Different Colour Jewellery?

Yes, hair color plays a big role in the jewelry color you choose. Its all part of the color spectrum. Metals really glow with blonde hair, so usually blondes usually go with the choice of silver and brunettes can be neutral. From rose gold to gold and silver, the brunette hair can work perfectly with any of these metals. For red hairs, rose gold is perfect. It makes your hair color seem more intense and brings attention to it.

What Eye Colour Suits Different Colour Jewellery?

With eye color, jewelry stones are usually what speaks. You need to wear a stone that will accentuate your eye color and bring out a sparkle. Sometimes it is preferred if you wear the same stones that are the same color as your eyes.  

If you want to match your eye color, you can pick gemstones that are in the same color family as your eye. It doesn’t have to be exactly the same.  When it comes to metal, there is more room to flex, you can wear gold jewelry and it will still look perfect with your brown eyes.

Can I Mix Gold & Silver Jewellery?

Mixing Gold and silver gets a big yes from us, just go for it mixing both metals always work well.

Jewelry will always look beautiful on the wearer no matter the skin tone or the kind of metal or stone, though it is advised to work with colors and tones, the best jewelry are usually those with significance.  


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