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We Believe that Jewellery can change an outfit more than anything else.


Transformation, individuality and punch, are the reasons why you should wear jewellery.

Here Comes The Role Of Body Jewellery Store UK Into The Picture!

Body Jewellery Store UK is the treasure of body jewellery products from earrings, rings, necklaces, to all kinds of high-quality silver gold and Italian body Jewellery products. 


Body jewellery store, UK, is mainly created to serve the small & large wholesale businesses. I want to get Jewellery items of all kinds in a single place. 


We have the best deals in various discount offers for recurring clients and bulk purchases.


What Body Jewellery Do We Sell?


Our mesmerizing and stunning body Jewellery products include a wide variety of items including:


     Fun On Sun 

     Nose Pins & Rings

     Nipple Rings 

     Belly Bars

     Internal Piercing




     Lips jewellery

     14k Gold Jewellery

     Silver & Titanium Body Jewellery



& Much More!


Why Use Our Body Jewellery Store?


     A huge variety of body jewellery products.

     Different discounts are available for wholesale businesses.

     Being a B2B Marketplace we can supply jewellery across the globe.

     Use of high quality, long-lasting and safe material.

     Interesting products that are designed to appeal to a large customer base. 

     10 Years Of Experience

     No minimum order limits.

     All the orders within the United Kingdom are shipped by the next day guaranteed service.


The Best Part Of Our Body Jewellery?

We also have body piercing jewellery and supplies that we can supply to all corners of the globe including the tattoo shops.


Whether you are based in the centre of London or Downtown New York, we have the best turnaround times for worldwide Shipping. 


If you are still incredible about who we are and what our services are, click here.


What's new?

Wholesale UV & Silicon Body Jewellery Also Available!


Our Shipment Methods

We use registered post services to ship all the orders within Europe.


Our Payment Methods

     Payment Directly To Bank



For the USA and other countries, we ship by FedEx.


Our Top Trending Products


     Wholesale Titanium body Jewellery

     Face Mask

     Wholesale Belly Bars

     Wholesale gold body jewellery 

     Wholesale UV and silicone body jewellery

     Wholesale hoop earrings

     Wholesale stud earrings



What gauge are your jewellery items?

We offer the standard sizes for all of our piercing jewellery. All of our tongue and belly rings are 14 gauge unless otherwise specified in our description. All of our brow rings are 16 gauge unless specified otherwise in our description.


Do you have a Catalog?

Our products are updated daily. Therefore, it is not practical to have a printed catalogue.


Click Here To See the FAQ Section In Detail.

What Sets Our Body Jewellery Store Apart From Others?

We treat our customers as our lovely fellows, believe in providing ultimate solutions and go the extra mile in fulfilling the needs of our clients. 


     We have the fastest shipping times.

     24/7 customer support is always there to help. 

     Affordable rates

     Wide range of body jewellery products with a lot of variety. 

     Easy browsing


And much more. 


Then what are you waiting for?


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